Spiral pipe production line, spiral pipe making machine

Project Brief:

TDM has designing and manufacturing ability of complete set of equipments for producing steel tube. We can manufacture from seamless tube to welded tube, from forming to finishing equipment, from whole processing to the equipment manufacturing and matching equipment purchasing. Turnkey project is available.
We can design and manufacture the welded whole equipment with different forming methods. The welded tubes have been used in the areas of oil and gas transporting, liquid transporting, pile driving, structure, heat supplying and air supplying etc. The tubes can fulfill each national and international standard, such as API Spec 5L(43), GB9711.2-1999, AWWA C2000, SY/T5037-2000, SY/T5040-2000, CJ/T3022-93 etc.
The designed and manufactured tube process is thoughtful. The equipment has good performance, heavy weight and long service life. It’s suitable especially for the manufacturing of high qualified air and gas transporting tubes. It is the long time guarantee for the long development of the company. In these years according to the different market demand, our company develop various welded tube equipment is fulfilled all kinds of clients. In the processing, the arrangement can be easy or complex, we can also supply the equipment is according to the price requirement in order to fulfill the market requirement as much as possible.
With the big project “Gas Transport From West To East”, our company has cooperated with top class tube companies in the area of process, equipment and using, we produced successfully qualifiedφ1016×14mm、X70 steel grade over million tons. This determined the advanced position of our company in China also in the world in the area of designing and manufacturing for welded tube equipment. At present all these welded tube production lines are producing the steel tube for the petroleum and gas transport in the world, including the spiral welded tubes φ1219×17.2mm in the project “Gas Transport from East to West” in India.

Machine parameter:

Mill arrangement Front swing type/left spiral interrupted production line
Forming mode Three roller bending, outside control for diameter sizing
Positioning mode Centering positioning
Feed in speed 0.6~2.8 m/min
Welding speed 0.6~2.1 m/min
Inner welder Double wire DC-1500 might be single wire welding
Outer welder Double wire DC-1500 might be single wire welding
Total Power: 750KW

Raw material and Final Product Brief:

1. Raw material parameter: 2. Pipe parameter:
Coil outer diameter φ1200~φ2000 mm Pipe dia. φ508~φ3500 mm
Coil inner diameter φ700~φ860 mm Pipe thickness 8~25 mm
Strip width 850~2000 mm Spiral angle 40°~82°
Strip thickness 8~25 mm Pipe length 12~20 m
Strip material X60, X70, X80    
Max weight 40 t    

Machine List

No. Name of Machine Qty No. Name of Machine Qty
1 φ508~φ3500 main equipment 1 18 Arc- track 1
2 De-coiler 1 19 Main hydraulic system 1
3 Ends un-bender 1 20 Main electric system 1
4 Leveler 1 21 Plasma cutting device 2
5 Electric vertical roll 3 22 Lincoln welder 4
6 Cutting and butt welder 1 23 Butt welding trolley 1
7 Manual vertical roll 1 24 Flux feeding and recovery device 1
8 Edge milling device 2 25 Flux treatment device 1
9 Cleaning device 1 26 2000t hydraulic testing machine 1
10 Deliver device 1 27 X-ray tester 1
11 Forming machine 1 28 Roller table Several
12 Front bridge 1 29 Table frame Several
13 Inner welding device 1 30 Pipe pusher Several
14 Outer welding device 1 31 Rotary carrier roll Several
15 Rear bridge 1 32 Finishing hydraulic system 1
16 Pipe cutting device 1 33 Finishing electric system 1
17 Pipe cutting device 1      

Machine Specification

1)    De-coiler: power: 11kw. Roller diameter: 300mm. Its function is de-coiling. It opens the head of strip and feeds the head to the un-bender safely and smoothly. It consists of double-cone device, lifting cylinder, pinch cylinder and driving device. The double cones are separately located at both side of centering line. The lifting cylinder can adjust the coil center vertically. The pinch cylinder can adjust the coil center horizontally. The driving device is fixed at the stand of double-cone device, and it is the driving force of de-coiling. It outfits with clutch, brake gear. After the strip head enter the leveler, it will disconnect with motor and the brake gear can keep the coil tight.
2)    Three roller un-bender: It can un-bend the strip ends and level the strip roughly. Along the delivery direction, the position can be adjusted. It consists of scraper knife, pressing roll, guide roll, stand,driving device etc.
3)    Seven-high leveler: steel sheet thickness: 5-25mm. sheet width: 850-2000mm, motor: DC55kw. Flatter motor: AC 5.5kwx2. Roller diameter: 260*1900, material: 42CrMo, hardness: HRC56~58. Seven high driving leveling is used for leveling the strip. It consists of stand, base, horizontal top beam, movable horizontal beam, top roller set, bottom roller set, universal transmission shaft, motor, hydraulic brake gear, gear box, gear distributor. The four-layer type, top roller set inclined which can level the strip very well.
4)    Electric vertical roll: motor: 5.5X2 kw. Rotation speed: 1500 RPM. It consists of base, driving device and vertical roll assembly etc.
5)    Shearer: Motor power: 1.5kw. Rotation speed: 955/2000 RPM. It consists of base, shearer blade assembly; raising carrier roll at entry side and carrier roll at exiting side etc. the press down adopts hydraulic press down the top shearer blade.
6)    Welding and milling device: The welding and milling device consists of stand, vertical milling and welding device, the driving device, and raising carrier roll etc. the vertical milling device adopts AC frequency control.
7)    Pinch and deliver machine: The pinch and deliver machine consists of DC speed regulation motor and 3-ring gear reducer, stand, top roll assembly and bottom roll assembly. The horizontal movement of stand is driven by oil-cylinder. The top roll is pressed down by hydraulic.
8)    Flying welding trolley: This trolley is used for ensuring the forming welding can be continuously while ends meeting. These equipments mentioned above are all loaded on the trolley. During the ends meeting, the storage strip in loop will be used for forming process and the trolley will move along with strip. After butts welding,the trolley drives back and storage the strip on looper. The trolley moves smoothly. While butt joint, it has to keep the same the moving speed as strip moving speed. While the  trolley moving back, it has to make sure that the leveler and feed-in roll move synchronously with the trolley.
9)    The trolley consists of trolley body and driving device. The trolley body is steel structure. Due to the body is long, it was made in sections to meet the installation precision and simple maintain. The trolley body has enough rigidity and strength to make sure the requirement of equipment installing and running. The trolley centering line will be marked on the trolley surface clearly. The trolley is driven by motor, gear box and coupling.
10) Carrier roll device: The carrier roll device arranged at the range of flying welding trolley. The total length is 60m. There are raising carrier roll located at the exiting part of flying welding trolley and the entry side of pinch roll stand. The carrier roll device mainly consists of roller and bearing housing etc.
11) Feed in roll stand: The feed-in roll stand is used for feeding the strip to looper. It consists of stand, feed-in roll, bearing housing, gear box and motor. The feed-in roll is driving roll, whose material is quality forging 60CrMoV. Its functions are feeding,braking and pinching the strip without slipping. The pinch roll can be lifting flexibly without block phenomenon; it adopts hydraulic lift. The stand is driven by top and bottom roll individually. It adopts DC motor and cycloidal planetary gear reducer. The adjustment of the stand adopts the hydraulic transverse movement. The feed-in rolls can be driven reversely. It can ensure the stand centering line and centering line of strips are always in the same line.
12) Edge miller: The motor of edge miller uses SIEMENS 440 for the Variable Frequency Drives. The drive mode uses closed loop control. The communication uses Profibus-DP bus.
13) Edge cleaning device: It can clean the rust off the both side of strip. The steel brush is used for cleaning rust. While the strip is floating up and down, the brush can cling to the surface of it to make sure the cleanness of the strip.
14) Pre-bending machine and strip guiding device: The pre-bending machine is used for bending the strip edges vertically so while forming the spiral distance can be uniform. The strip guide is used for press the strip tight to make the strip move on to forming machine smoothly. It consists of frame, guide roll, adjusting device.
15) Forming device: The forming machine is used for bending the strip to form the pipe and welding on line. The three-high bending theory and outside control roll as minor control to realize the precision forming of spiral welded pipe. It consists of base, vertical roll, adjustable arm, 1#~3# forming roll and 4#~7# outside control roll, front vertical roll, screw down device, each adjusting device, rotator. Each part of forming machine has scale for adjustment to show its position. The scale is made of steel plate. The base is made of double-layer structure which can move along rotary center to fit requirements of forming for various width and diameter.  The driving part of center shaft for turntable adopts self-lubrication bearing holder. The effective dust proof device is equipped at the rotating part.
16) Inner welder: The inner welder consists of wire feeding motor and base and so on. It locates at inner pressing rod.
17) Outer welder: The outer welder consists of motor、base and raising frame and adjusting device and so on. It located at rear Bridge.
18) Rear bridge: The rear bridge consists of carrier roll, bridge body and output carrier roll device and rear bridge swing device and rear bridge locking device and sizing device. The output carrier roll is driven b y motor and coupler. The rear bridge swing device is driven by hydraulic cylinder.
19) Pipe holder: It consists of stand, roller wheel and base and driving device etc.
20) Flying cutting trolley: It consists of trolley body and synch-roll and so on. The synch-roll adopts pneumatic rising.
21) Pipe transporting trolley: The pipe transporting trolley consists of trolley body, main wheel assembly, idle wheel assembly and so on .the raising device adopts hydraulic pushing. The main wheel adopts motor and vertical gear reducer. There is hydraulic station on the trolley body. (Including in hydraulic system)
22) Electric system: The electric system consists of control cabinet and control desk. The PLC and DC device, transformer and so on, all of them adopts Siemens products.
23) Hydraulic system: It adopts two sets of expanding machine, which positioned oppositely. Each expanding machine has its individual hydraulic station. The hydraulic station has two sets of main pump, one of them is high-pressure pump, and the other is low-pressure pump. There is an auxiliary oil pump too. Main pump finishes the four process step of the diameter expanding cylinder, which are Fast Forward, ends expanding, pressurizing and unloading hydraulic cylinder. The auxiliary pump is used for mould centering, moving forward and back of Sliding seat, the lift up and down of material rack etc. The main oil channel uses two-way cartridge inserted valve to control.
24) De-slaging device: It consists of deslaging device, dust collection device and stand and so on. It used for cleaning the slag in the pipe.
25) Ends facing device: It consists of stand, adjusting device and cutting gun and so on.
26) Inner welding line trimming machine: It consists of stand, trolley and trimming device and so on. It mainly used for inner welding line trimming for ends expanding.
27) Ends expanding device: It consists of main unit, auxiliary device, hydraulic, lubrication and electric system.
28) Horizontal move trolley: The horizontal move trolley consists of trolley body assembly, driving device and raising carrier roll and hydraulic system and so on. It mainly used in move the pipe horizontally in finishing zone.
29) Hydraulic machine: The hydraulic machine consists of beam, fixed stand, moveable stand, main hydraulic cylinder, raising carrier roll and pusher and hydraulic system and electric system and so on.  The electric system adopts PLC control technical and computer data collection managing mode.
30) Facing & beveling machine: It consists of base, headstocks, disc device and pinch device and carrier roll device and hydraulic system and electric system and so  on. It mainly used for facing and beveling the ends of pipe.
31) Weighing and length measuring device: It consists of stand, carrier roll, push plate and so on. The pipe length measuring device is consisted of length measuring mechanism and length measuring roller table mechanism with coupling. The length measuring mechanism is arranged at the end of transporter. In order to measure the length of pipe, the photoelectric encoder is equipped at the side of length measuring hydro cylinder. With the movement of hydro cylinder piston, the working stroke of hydro cylinder can be measured. Meanwhile, along the axial direction of pipe, some correlation type photo sensors are equipped at the both side of roller table, which have the same distance. When one sensor receives signal, according to the hydro cylinder, the pipe length can be measured.

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