Tissue Paper Production Line|Tissue paper making machine

round net tissue paper machine
General Introduction
Capacity calculation: ration weight (16g/sq.m), speed (160m/min), efficiency (98%), crimple rate (95%), a working day (22.5 hours)
Maximum jumbo roll width: from 1575 to 4000mm
Weight scope: 13-38g/m2
Towel production capacity: can be 5 to 50 tons per day per machine
Maximum jumbo roll diameter : 1500mm
Minimum weight of jumbo roll : 1000kg
Raw material: 100% sorted wasted paper
Worker: 6 position, 3 shifts

Raw material: All kinds of waste paper such as Books, newspaper, printing paper, etc. and Virgin pulp can also be added.

Final Products:

Production cost for one ton tissue jumbo roll

Cost analysis:
1.    sorted wasted paper: 1.3ton sorted wasted produce 1.0 ton tissue jumbo roll   
usd300/t x 1.3=usd390/ton tissue
2.    steam consumption: produce 1 ton tissue needs 1 ton coal to generate steam. Gas and electrical power can also be used as fuel. One ton coal is about usd40. if you use natural gas, the cost is about usd40.
3.    electrical power consumption: 1200 KWH/1 per ton tissue. 1 kwh is about usd0.07. the cost is about 1200xusd0.07=usd84
4.    water consumption: 120 ton water will be needed to produce 1 ton tissue. 50% will be recycled. 1 ton water costs usd0.36. the cost is usd0.36x60=usd21.6
5.    felter consumption: 1 ton tissue consumes 0.4kg cloth. Unit price is usd15. the cost is usd15 x 0.4=usd6
6.    copper screen: 1 ton tissue consumes 0.014m2. unit price is usd23. the cost is usd0.32
7.    chemical : dispenser.   1 ton tissue consumes 1.2kg dispenser. Unit price is usd7.9. the cost is usd9.48.
8.    chemical softener: 1 ton tissue consumes 2kg softener. Unit price is usd9.1. the cost is usd18.20
9.    chemical deinking material: 1 ton tissue consumes 1kg deinking material .unit price is usd2. the cost is usd2.
10.labor cost: usd20/ 1 ton tissue
Total cost: usd600/1 ton tissue
Profit analysis
1.    market price: usd900/ton finished jumbo tissue roll
2.    net profit: usd900-600=usd300/ton
3.    daily profit: 5 ton x usd300/ton=usd1500
4.    monthly profit: 30 x usd1500=usd45000
5.    yearly profit: 300 x usd1500=usd450000