Automobile windshield production line, wind screen equipment

Project Brief

Worker number: 35-40 per shift, some workers for two shifts, Total number is 80-100

Total plant area: 5000m2 

Total power: 600kw, 380V, 50HZ (voltage can be adjusted per buyer’s requirement)

Raw material: Float glass for car (2.2mm、3mm、4mm、5mm), PVB sheet 0.38 or 0.76, Vacuum stripe or bag, Printing ink

Total water consumption: 5m3/Hr (70% is recyclable)

Capacity:  500-600 pcs per day

Line length: 100m

Machines for Laminated car and bus windshield glass.

Item Name Qty Unit Power KW
1 Washing machine 1 set 30
2 Drying furnace 1 set 95
3 Film stretching machine 1 set 35
4 Combination machine 1 set 2.3
5  Pre-heat pre-press machine 1 set 96
6 Vacuum cabinet 1 set 4
7 Autoclave 1 set 882
8 Air tank 1 set  
9 Screw air compressor 1 set 45
10 Refrigerated desicator 1 set 1.42
11 Highly active filter 1 set 12
12 Air conditioner 1   5
13 dehumidifier 1   7

Machines for Toughened car and bus windshield glass. 

Item Name Qty Unit Power KW
1 Toughening furnace 1 Set 120
2 Toughenting glass hot treatment machine 1 Set 700

Other necessary machines

Item Name Qty Unit
1 Shaping cutter 1 Set
2 Double abrasives grinder 1 set
3 Printing machine 1 set
4 Continuous thermal bending furnace 1 set
5 Shaping grinding machine 1 set
6 Trolley 5  
7 Glass trolley 15  
8 forkman 3  


Item Description
Workshop Area: 3000m2 length>100m, width>18m
Storage house Area: 1000m2
Workshop material: Steel structure, heat proof roofing.
Combination room Built in the workshop to keep permanent  temperature and moisture content.
Machine bases For installation of machines
Furnace pit For installing autoclave
Power supply system Cable, inverters, etc.
Water supply system Pipes, pumps, filters, etc.
Water pool  

work flow

1, Original glass sheet cutting, Machine: Glass cutting machine
Cut the original glass sheet to a certain size according to the final product’s model. In this process, glass cutting machine is used.

2, Edge grinding, Machine:  Glass grinding machine
Grind the edge of the glass and make it to be smooth. Remove all the sharp edges and burr to meet the product technical requirement.

3, Wash and dry, Machine: washing machine and drying machine
Wash the glass and then dry it, the working environment should be dustless; it also requires a clean water quality.

4, Printing, Machine:  Auto net printing machine
Print color and related sign on the glass, after heat treatment, the color and letters will stick to the glass strongly.

5, Hot bending, Machine:  Continuous thermal bending furnace
Bend the glass through heating to make it in accordant with the requirements.

6, Combination, Combination room
Combine the glass and PVB together; the process should be done in the combination room which has a certain temperature and moisture content.

7, Vacuuming, Vacuum strip or vacuum bag
Remove the air in the glass to prevent bubble in the center of the car glass.

8, High pressure and high temperature, Autoclave
Make the glass and the PVB stick to each other strongly. 

Photos for windshield production equipment

Hot bending furnace control panel.jpg Hot bending furnace control panel.jpg
Washer.jpg Washer2.jpg
High-pressure auto clave.jpg High-pressure auto clave.jpg
Hot bending furnace.jpg Edge grinding machine.jpg

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