Double glazing glass production line

Machine Features

PLC control system with touch screen.
1.2.Automatically distinguish the coated glass from Low-E glass.
1.3.Perfect effect of glass combined because of importation of vacuum generator acetabula. 1.4.Cleaning LOW-E glass with frequency conversion driven brush.(optional)
1.5.Free size and three-ply glass available for various purposes.(optional)
1.6.Digital control production line more effective.
1.7.All guard plate adopt spray treatment, nice appearance and durable.
1.8.The washing machine made of stainless steel and other corrosive materials, with excellent

Waterproof performance, safety, sanitation and long service life.
1.9.All electrical components adopt international famous brand.
1.10. The pressured section max working area is up to 450mm, easy maintenance.
1.11. When processing outside, it adopts center positioning system for flat pressing. 1.12. Processing outside or inside, it is available for user’s free choice.
1.13. According to customer’s request, the last transport section could be changed to tilting table. 

Specification& Features SMW-2500 Vertical Double Glazing Flat-Pressing Production Line

Performances Parameters
Voltage Power 3P 380V/1P 50HZ 28KW
Cleaning Transfer speed 0-8m / min
Max working speed 8-45m / min
Max working area 2500*3000mm
Min working area 450*550mm
Glass thickness 3-18mm
Insulating glass thickness 10-48mm
Machine size 21000*2100*3500mm
Weight 4500kg
Work period 7
Brush number 3 Pairs
Roller number 8 Pairs
Transducer number 6 PCS
Water Deionized water, water conductivity≤30μs/cm

Machine Detail

Auto Vertical Insulating Glass Rubber Spreading Machine

◎ High automation, high efficiency, suitable for glass deep processing enterprise to use.

◎ Whole machine adopt man-machine interface, the operation is more convenient and intuitionistic with the simplified thinking design interface.

◎ The glass edge and corner is full without air bubbles, smooth surface, no need to pare the corner under the condition that the glass are cut levelly and without dislocation after combined.
◎ Using two sets of independent sealant supply system (including the mixing device), two kinds of sealants switch in one-key operation easily.

◎ The third section can prestore glass to improve the efficiency effectively. (Optional)

◎ Servo control system adopts world famous brand (Japan Anchuan), the performance is stable.
◎ Synchronous belt transmission to make the glass being transferred smoothly with accurate positioning.

◎ The spare parts are produced with high standardization and high precision, ensure the machine can be used with long term stability. 

SM-01 Pneumatic Bicomponent Rubber Spreading Machine (Double cylinder type)

Main pump is driven by pneumatic system, special adjustable matching device with proportional pump, static reciprocating mixer and fully-enclosed curing agent system can as sure the best protection device for pipes has easy operation and safety features. This machine is suitable for use with kinds of two-component sealant. 

SM-02 Butyl Coating Machine
◎ The distance between the mouths can be adjusted according to the aluminum frame width, to avoid leak adhesive.
◎ Adopt touch control interface, the operation more easy and convenient.
◎ Adopt internationally renowned brand components; Butyl rubber is placed more convenient.
◎ Heating function both for Butyl container and nozzle.
◎ The width of the nozzle can be adjusted at working temperature and pressure.
Aluminum Spacer Bending Machine

1. Solve the water/air leakage of four angles, which are the main leakage channels of insulating glass.
2. Prolong the life of insulating glass, solve the connection problems.
3. The whole hardness and horizontal is better, easier for butyl coating and glass laminating. 4. This machine equipped with cutting system for aluminum bar.

Drying Agent Filling Machine

◎German Siemens PLC control system.
◎Man-machine interface operation, simple and intuitive.
◎It can filled aluminum bars and ordinary aluminum pins.
◎The molecular sieve automatic feeding.
◎The filling time can be adjusted.
◎Automatic punching, filling , sealing function.
◎It can used vat molecular sieve, save frequent feeding time, improve efficiency. ◎The head protected by a shield.
◎Unique molecular sieve recovery device.
◎The feeding device adopts the vacuum pump.

Glass Mechanical Handing


Cantilever type glass mechanical handing widely used in transport hollow glass, tempered glass, glass curtain wall, solar photovoltaic glass and other glass deep-processing industries. Simple operation, smooth handling, accuracy positioning and other characteristics, not only can greatly reduce operator's labor intensity, but also can help increase productivity and save production cost.
 Power Source: Full Pneumatic type
Installation: Fixed Column
Function: Absorb, release, lifting, unilateral rotated 90 °.
Application: Transport the finished glass from the Insulating glass production line, automatic rubber spreading machine line and vertical edger machine, loading glass and so on.

4, Other Machines

Aluminum Frame Conveyor Used for transport the aluminum rod during processing the double glass, high efficiency save time.

Glass edger machine
Taiwan Delta servo motor
Or Japan Panasonic / YASKAWA servo motor,
Much more quick in speed, more precise

Automatic Rotary Rubber-spreadi ng Table
Automatically rotating 90°C through the pedal switch.
Speed: 5rpm
Adopt imported vacuum generator.
Hollow Glass Air Filling Machine It is specialized for filling inert gas(argon) into double-glazing glass. The machine is efficient that it can fill three pieces of insulating glass at the same time. Working parameters are displayed digitally by liquid crystal. It normally fills less than 3 min/m², replacing rate is more than 95%
Glass Film Removing Machine Sample design, with the required processing glass thickness, adjust size, stable performance, high efficiency, used for coating glass


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