fruit juice production line

Brief introduction

Capacity: 20 ton per hour.
Package: aseptic bag 5-220 Liter.
The whole set production line equipments include:
A. Cleaning, fruit selecting, crushing down, juice extracting and ultra filtrating.
B. Aseptic filling.
C. Auxiliary equipments and technical service
D. Total consumption
E. Technical documents


20TPH fruit juice concentration production line


The production technique for concentrated apple juice
Fruit------low position lift-------fruit washing-----spray and selection------high position lift-----crusher-----belt type crusher-----juice extraction------enzyme-----ultrafilter-----vacuum concentration----sterilization---big bag aseptic filling

The technical index of concentrated apple juice
The product technical index
 Item Description Index
  Color Tan (yellow brown) or henna (dark red)
Fragrance and flavor Dilute the concentrated juice to 11.5°Brix (soluble solids content), it should have the special frangrance and flavor of apple and without peculiar smell.
Appearance Clear and translucent, without fruit residues or suspended substance
Impurity obvious impurity by naked eye are not allowed
soluble solids content (20℃ Refractometric method) /Brix ≥ 70.0
Titrable acidity (malic acid) /(%) > 0.8
light transmittance (625nm) /(%) ≥ 95.0
Color value(440nm)/(%)≥ 45.0
Turbidity/NTU ≤ 5.00
Ethanol /(g/kg) ≤ 3.00
Fruit pectin examination negative
Farina examination negative
Thermal stability examination Steady
Amino nitrogen/(mg/100g) ≥ 35
  PH value 3.6-4.2
Patulin/(μg/kg) ≤ 30
Arsenic and arsenic compound (see as As) /(mg/kg) ≤ 0.1
Plumbum and plumbum compound (see as Pb) /(mg/kg) ≤ 0.2
Cuprum and cuprum compound (see as Cu) /(mg/kg) ≤ 5.0
Fumaric acid/(mg/kg) ≤ 5
Total numbers of colony/(cfu/mL) ≤ 100
Coli group/(MPN/100mL) ≤ 3
Pathogenic bacteria none
Mildew/microzyme/(cfu/mL) ≤ 10
thermophilic bacteria/(piece/10mL) < 1
Equipments and parameter(设备及参数)
A. Cleaning, fruit selecting, crushing down, juice extracting.(干洗 水果的选择 粉碎 果汁提取 )
A.1.Cleaning and fruit selecting干洗 水果的选择
It is available to original fruit cleaning and selecting effectively, the cleaning part is operated by the clean water vortex flow and high pressure ejecting method.
Product receiving pot with blast system
The spraying part with spray header
The roll shaft transportation belt is divided two parts by the two chain driving path of one speed adjusting motor. The first section is lifting part. It is used in separation of water and fruit, then spray the fruit and cleaning. The second section is horizontal part, it is used in selecting fruit manually.
Scrap exhausting system
The supporting structure with the operation flat on the side, steps and balusters
Material and processing part:
The supporting structure, balusters and product receiving pot are made of AISI304 stainless steel.
Aluminum roller
Carbon steel rack, driving main axis, inverted axis and chain.
Power consumption
Motor power kw 11.2
Water m3/hr 7
Lifting machine

Fruit cleaning machine
A2. one set screw pump with screw thruster It is used in fruit transportation after cleaning. 
Technical parameter
Product processed fruit
Capacity t/hr 30
Total consumption
Dried saturation steam 4 bar Kg/hr 5500
Water m3/h 2
Compressed air 8 bar m3/min 200
A5. crusher

Available range: Adopt to crush different kinds of fruit
Capacity: 25t/hr
Motor: 6.6kw
Weight: 1.8t
Overall dimension: 2395*1480*2735
Filter screen hole: ¢0.6 and ¢1.2mm
A7. Screw transmitting machine one set螺杆转递机器一套
Collect and transfer the scrap out of the pulping defecator
Screw: 200*2, 500mm motor driving
SUS304 stainless steel
Total consumption
Motor power kw 1.5
Compressed air m3/min 10
A8. Storage tank one set储罐一套
Adopt to save the juice after pulping temporarily, capacity 3000 Liter
SUS304 stainless steel
A9. Pipes, valve and assistant fittings one set管道,阀门和配件一套助理
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
B6. Pipes, valve and assistant fittings one set管道,阀门和配件一套助理
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Juice extracting equipments果汁提取设备

The equipment has advanced international level technique. It has the characteristics, power saving, automatically material entering and exit, continuously operation, fully extracting and filtering, the press cake low water content, and so on. This equipment is widely used to extract fruit, such as apple, pear etc. and different kinds of vegetables juice and preserved pickle and vegetables dehydration, the juice product rate is over 80%.
   When the tape style filter press machine operating, the material after crushed (mixture of solid and liquid) is pumped into the hopper of material entrance by the single screw pump of the thruster with screw continuously (the width that material occupied is adjustable), then the material will be distributed equally by the material distributing roller. At the reflexed cuniform area, a great deal of water is pressed out, and we will get the filter cake that can be pressed. At the pressing area, water will be pressed out by the press roller with L shaped press tape, and the water will goes out of the both sides quickly. After this course the press roller diameter will be descending, and the filtering area is S shaped, the digressive surface pressure and cutting strength assure the best dehydration effect. To improve the dehydration rate, other two press roller that can give linearity pressure and surrounding pressure will be added. The filter cake after dehydration will be scraped down by the wearable material scraping board. The filter cake fruit residues is exhausted out by the screw residues transferring machine. (The filter cake fruit residues connect with water by the material receiving hopper can be second time pressed, see the details in the flow) The two filter area are spray cleaned by the high pressure spray header, to maintain good effect of juice extraction. The spraying water will be used circulation after through the camber automatically filtering net of the refluence pump, it can save energy sources. When the equipments operates, it will adopts the air cell tighten press filter area and special disc valve controlling area off tracking, it is steady and anti-overloading, safe and reliable, automatically operating course.
The equipment is used in fruit or vegetable extraction, it has high juice output rate.
It operates full automatically. Air cell controlling expanding tape, deviation rectifying, pressure adding, main equipment step less changing, energy saving, tape cleaning water filtering by the camber net of the filter machine, water used circulation
Enzyme removing and zymohydrolysis equipments
The function of the equipment is to do the processing of original juice enzyme removing and zymohydrolysis, the equipment includes the parts of enzyme removing machine and zymohydrolysis pot.
Fruit or vegetable juice defecating and ultra filtration equipments果汁或蔬菜汁排粪和超过滤设备
The film separation technique is very important in the food industry. In the reason of no phase change, energy saving, separating and concentrating at the normal temperature, it simples the traditional food processing techniques, avoid the repetitious Dead-end filtration, and the long time heating up in the processing course, maintain the color, fragrance, flavor and the nutrition component. Reduce and solve the dirt exhausting of contamination. It also can remove most impurity and germ, avoid deposition arising. All the techniques is more advanced than other kinds of techniques.

The ultra filtration film techniques adopting on the filtration of juice is just in the recent years, specially on the filtration and concentration is just current one or two year. The traditional juice defecating techniques mostly include centrifugal separation, zymohydrolysis, diatomite filtration and paper board filtration, etc. working procedure the schedule. On the other hand, to the ultra filtration techniques, the last three working procedure are not necessary, the processing time can be shortened to 4 hours from 12 hours before. The juice recycling rate is enhanced to 95-99% from 80-90% before. The anti-infiltration film deportation equipments can concentrate the clear juice after ultra filtration; it can maintain the original juice flavor and save the cost so much.
    The ultra filtration film equipments can capture most large molecule matter from the pressed fruit pulp with original juice. obtain the clear juice through the film with saccharine, organic acid and water, etc small molecule matter. The quality of the ultra filtration equipments influences the juice quality and purity. The ultra filtration techniques adaptation is at the leading position of juice extraction. The equipments must has its own automatically control part. mostly include pressure, temperature, power, automatically cleaning and over concentration protection. The juice out of the ultra filtration equipment, the chemical composition is closer to the original juice than the traditional techniques processing course. In the reason of additive, such as clarifier and diatomite, the content of calcium and magnesium hydronium of the apple juice of the traditional techniques processing course is obviously more than the ultra filtration one.

  The film separation equipment is based on the protection of the equipment. To avoid the man-made reason destroy of the film element and keep it can be used for long time. The totally automatic ultra filtration system is adopted. We can do the operation on the touched screen, the monitor will show the flow, pressure, temperature and flux, all the parameter will be controlled in the whole processing course. The main settings of the system all adopts the settings with international techniques, the cycling pump will the started slowly by the frequency transducer, it will reduce the concussion of the ultra filtration film from the material. The Multi-way directional valve switches continuously and changes in time, material changing and cleaning, ensure the steady course, without other pollution, the product quality is no problem. In the whole processing course, the standard is based on the food industry standard demand, the welding method adopts Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), the welding line is smooth and clean, reach the standard of the control of the whole system about animalcule and impurity control.
Fruit juice evaporator


20,000 Liter four effect five journey cross flow type film down evaporator details specification
The equipment principle
The material liquid distribution devices are placed in different heating up tubes. The material liquid will flow from up to down in the film type with the effect of gravity and second time steam flow. At the same time, under the thermal exchanging function that the steam of outside of the heating up tube, the water will be centrifugally
To ensure that after once processing to reach the thickness that demand, different heating up chambers should have enough heating up square, but the flow of the material must be ensured, and after the four effect cycle evaporation to obtain the intention to get the finished product from material.
Multi effect evaporation unit steam wastage and unit cooling water wastage
effects single double trible four five
Unit steam wastage (steam kg/ material kg) 1.1 0.57 0.4 0.3 0.27
Unit cooling water wastage (cooling water kg/ material kg) 13.5 6.75 4.5 3.38 2.7
The advantages of cross flow type film down evaporator:
It is the unite of cocurrent flow type and adverse current type, it has both the two types advantages: The first point is material liquid flow direction:  4      1    2    3    5 type, cross flow flux, keep the thin material in the middle temperature, and a lot evaporation, avoid the material in the single effect high temperature course coked of the reason of temperature difference. The second point is the material after the last grade pre-heating, to ensure the material entering at boiling point, to avoid only obtain the temperature up and heat transportation at the starting section of the film down tube. Enhance the evaporation quantity and save energy. It is mainly used on the big-sized film down concentration evaporator. It is also available for dairy, fruit juice, barm, tea polyphenols,etc food industry thermal sensitivity matters.
Different effect heating up chamber
    Different effect heating up chambers structure have nearly same structure. The chamber body are all made up of the rind and the heating up pipes expanded on the board of the two sides. The chamber body upper part placed material liquid distribution device.
Considered the buyer’s side, different characteristics of material, in the technical parameter there is specification, and set four effect cycle work procedure, when the material entering thickness steady, the material after the evaporator once can obtain the demand material exit sugar degree.
Different effect evaporation chamber
Different effect evaporation chambers structure have nearly same structure. The chamber body are column type rind, to separate the material liquid from the heating up chamber and secondary steam, the entrance connects with the chamber at the down side. On the top, there is the exit for secondary steam, and the hole for the head lamp. At the front of the chamber body lower section placed eyesight hole and manual hole, the eyesight hole is used to observe the material evaporation course, the manual hole is used to take down and clean. At the side, there are also temperature, vacuum meter and monitoring sensor, shows the temperature and pressure. The chamber inside placed foam stop machine, to avoid the foam goes ito the heating up chamber effectively.
All set equipments are installed with automatically rotate cleaning device.
The energy saving device
The energy saving device use the steam ≥0.5Mpa, the high speed raw steam absorb the secondary left steam separated from the second effect evaporation chamber, enhance the secondary steam pressure and temperature, to use the steam for the second time, and to obtain the energy saving effect, and improve economic efficiency. The device is made up of pump body, raw steam spray head and diffusing pipe, etc. The pump body side is placed the entrance for secondary steam, one tip placed the working steam spray head, other tip is welded with the diffusing pipe
The material temporarily saving pot
The pot available capacity is 5.0 m3, the material liquid to be concentrated first goes into the temporarily saving pot, then adjust the entering and exit flow, to keep the balance of the material liquid in the pot.
The material liquid saved temporarily is used to make cleaning liquid, customers can see the using condition of equipments, to make certain thickness acid or alkali liquid. The bottom parts of the pot are connected, after the material liquid concentration, switch the valves inside the pipes, let the cleaning liquid goes into the evaporator by the step.
Cooling machine
The cooling machine is a vertical type thermal exchanging machine. The cooling water flows fast inside the pipes, the last effect steam is cooled to be water outside the pipes. The water cooled from different effect sections goes together, the exhaust from the cooling water pump, to be recycled later. The cooling water out of the cooling machine, its temperature will goes up because of the secondary steam, we should send the hot water into the cooling tower to be cooled, then the cooling water will goes into the cooling machine to be recycled used.
CIP cleaning system
 The equipments are placed with a set of CIP automatically cleaning system, to do the cleaning work on line. The control device is placed inside the control box (the seller provided/)
On line thickness manual monitoring system
The equipment is placed with insert type on line thickness meter at the thrible effect five journey evaporation chamber, controls the five journey material exit thickness, the monitoring meters are all showed on the control flat.
Digital display temperature control system
The on line digital display temperature control system is placed in the first, second, third, and four effective evaporation chambers. It can show the different temperature between different effect course, the display meter is placed in the control box. We can control the relevant temperature manually lively, to control each effect temperature.
The material entering and exit measurement system
The material entering and exit measurement system is placed, it can measure the exact flux of material entering and exit exactly. It can also adjust the material entering and exit valve manually to control the quantity of material.
The equipments control system
All the switches for different motors, different head lamps are in one electricity control box (see it in the electricity control box drawing), easy to find, and operate.
The equipments material and the type of the interface of pipes and fittings
All the parts connected with the material and cooling water is made of austenitic stainless steel.
The heating up pipes in the first, second, third and fourth effect heating up machine is made of SUS 304 mirror surface polished seamless steel tube, the connection is expanded joint, and be reinforced by argon arc welding.
The O-ring seals material of different valves and pipes is all Ethylene-Propylene-non-conjugated Diene Rubber(EPDM)
All the connection of different valves and pipes are imitated entrance movable connection.
All the connection of the equipments are including the supplying range, we will offer certain fittings freely. The connection outside the equipments, such as the parts expectant the pipes and fittings of material entering and exit, steam, cooling water, that should be prepared by the buyer. And the cooling water entering and exit should be placed double flange. And based on the demand of the customer, to clean effectively, that the cleaning spray head should be placed at the different effect evaporation chamber inside and heating up chamber lower section. The pipes and valves of the equipments will be supplied by the seller.
Technical parameter
Main technical parameter
The name of material: clear, low solid state, high solid state juice
Water evaporation quantity: 20,000 kg/hr (based on the water)
The thickness of material entering: 7%
The thickness of material exit: 70%
The temperature of material entering: 25℃-30℃
Capacity: 222,222 kg/hr
The temperature of evaporation: the first effect: 86±4℃
The second effect: 71±4℃
The third effect: 61±4℃
The fourth effect: 49±4℃
The quantity of material exit: 2,222 kg/hr
The pressure of heating up steam: ≥0.6MPa
The wastage of heating up steam: ≈4850kg/h
Max vacuum level: 0.090 Mpa
The temperature of cooling water: 25-32℃
The circulation quantity of cooling water: 215t/hr
Total power: 145 kw
See the distribution in the below technical flow drawing
The dimension of the equipment outside (L*W*H): 14.5m*3.6m*15m
The weight of the equipment: ≈62.5t
Other specification
The equipment design can be designed to be floor type
The temperature and other parameters also can designed based on the demand of customers
The meters model and quantity
No. Name Manufacturer Model Quantity remarks
1 The pressure stop meter of the pressure transducer Japan EJA510A 2  
2 The pressure transducer Japan EJA530A 1  
3 Integrative temperature changing machine China 902002 1  
4 Electromagnetism flux meter ABB FMC3201A 2  
5 On line solubility inspecting meter German   2  
6 Pneumatic control valve LINUO   3  
7 Pneumatic butterfly valve / electromagnetism valve China   3  
8 PLC programmed control machine OMRON Touch screen One set  
9 Software China      
10 Spot pressure and temperature LRD   6  
11 Control box China   1  
12 Electricity control box China   1  
13 Air switch TE   10  
14 Contractor TE   10  
15 Transducer SIEMENS   3  
16 UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) OMRON   1  
17 On line liquid level meter German   1  
Other min or max alarm device see the details in the PC technical drawing

Aseptic filling part(无菌灌装的一部分)
The production technical flow description

The sterilization is realized through hot water cycling for 30 minutes under high pressure. After that, the system will enter production step with the temperature decreased to production temperature.
After the prophase treatment, the material will enter the container. The transfer ring will send the material to tube heat exchanging unit for pre-heating.
It will be heated in the heat exchanger and remain in temperature keeping tube for a required time.
The material will be cooled to packaging temperature in corrugated temperature.
Aseptic filler and aseptic machine line are connected directly. Products can be filled in aseptic packages (flexible package). They can insulate sunshine and oxygen. Aseptic packages should be kept in protection boxes or big buckets for long transportation.
The filling room of aseptic filler is aseptic. Sterilizing , opening , ration filling and sealing of the aseptic package inlet are all realized automatically by computer.
C.1   RSTGH-5000
RSTGH-5000 tube type sterilizer One set

Technical description
The material will be sterilized and cooled, then to be sent into the filler by the asepsis pipes
Equipments buildup
The material saving pot, water pot, sterilization pump, transportation pump, tube style heating up machine, maintaining machine, tube style cooling machine, superheated water generator, alkali pot and control system, etc fittings. The sterilizer plunger pump is advanced technique. The fittings repair belongs to the buyer.
The part connecting with the material and the connecting pipes are made of SUS304 stainless steel.
The bracket is stainless steel
Technical parameter
Material max sterilization temperature    
Compressed air 0.7 Mpa    
  kw 80
Power 50Hz 380±38V    
  kg/h 500
Steam 0.7 Mpa    
  m3/h 50
Cooling water ≤18℃    

The function of main parts
Material saving pot
The capacity is 700 liter, with high and low liquid level sensor
The liquid level sensor is used to control the liquid level in the material saving pot.
Water pot
The water pot capacity is 200 liter, it offers the water for the pipes and the water (or acid or alkali liquid) to do the cleaning work.
Sterilization pump
It is a whirlpool pump, the pressure at the exit wiil reach 0.5Mpa, the flow is around 50m3/hr.
The pump body is stainless steel, the seal parts are all anti-high temperature, anti-cankerous rubber
Adopt to supply the water that needed when the equipment sterilization and cleaning.
The transportation pump
The transportation pump is rotor pump (hand wheel speed adjustment)
Tubulature style heating up machine:
It is made up of one set of four layers tubulature tubes.
The inner lining and outer lining, the hot water goes through. The material that to be heated, the flow direction is opposite to the hot water. The material inside will be heated up to the sterilization temperature that demand by the both sides hot water.
The maintaining machine
It is a set of straight pipes Æ114, the material through the heating up machine that reach the temperature demand, will goes into the maintaining machine to be kept, and be sterilized.
Tube style cooling machine
Its structure is same as the heating up machine, It is made up of one set of four layers tubes
Superheated water generator
The superheated water will be produced by the steam, be transported into the tube style heating up machine to be recycled.
The control system:
To control all the work procedure of the sterilizer
C.2    DWG-7A
DWG-7A double head aseptic filler one set

Technical description
Fill the material from the sterilizer into the asepsis bags under the asepsis condition.
The parts connected with the material and the pipes are SUS304 stainless steel.
The bracket and electricity box is stainless steel.
Technical parameter
  L 200~1000
Filling capacity    
  t/h ≤5
Filling speed    
Total consumption
  m3/h 20
Compressed air 0.7Mpa    
  kw 1
Power 50Hz 380±38V    
  kg/h 50
Steam ≥0.4 Mpa    
The equipments
Filling head, control system and working platform, etc
The filling head
Filling chamber, lid holding machine, material valve and steam pipes, etc.
It is an important part of asepsis filler, includes lid lift, filling, and lid capping, etc working procedure
Control system
The filler electricity control system control the whole equipment operation.
Working flat
The working flat is roller path hydraulic lift working flat, available to the filling work of bags 200L-1000L.
One set of pipes, valves and assistant parts
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
The assistant equipments and technical services
Assistant equipments
Water, electricity, compressed air and steam should be connected to the certain part of the product line.
Technical service
Machinery installation
2 technical personals, 30 days, and 4 local workers
The installation of water and electricity:
2 electric technical personals, 20 days, and 4 local workers
The product line start up and personnel training
1 technical personnel, 20 days
The second season service
1 technical personnel, 10 days
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