Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line

chicken manure fertilizer production line workshop

Project general information

With the development of aquaculture, the pollution of livestock’s manure is becoming more serious. The best solution to that problem is to make the waste into useful thing by reclamation treatment. The livestock’s dejecta contains a lot of organic matter that make it a kind of ideal manure. Our project and equipments use organic-inorganic compound fertilizer whose organic matter come from the dejecta of chicken and inorganic raw material come from urea, monoammonium phosphate, muriate of potash, single superphosphate, ammonium bicarbonate, and make pellet manure by a pan granulator with low cost and high efficiency.

Main Raw Material: Chicken Dejecta, Caw Dejecta, etc.

Other Material: urea, monoammonium phosphate, muriate of potash, single superphosphate (as options)

Product: Organic-inorganic compound manure fertilizer

Power Supply: 200kw to 650kw

Worker number: 3 per shift, 9 for 3 shifts

Main cost: USD 18 per ton (Water 70 kg per ton, Electricity 50 kwh per ton, and labor cost)

Raw material

FInal Product

fertilizer from sludge fertilizer from paper sludge fertilizer from paper sludge2


Flow chart

Flow chart

Raw material is crushed to make sure it is powder type for next process. It depends on the raw material condition.

Material input with belt scales.
In this part, we use 6 belt scales to feed raw material and additive such as N, P.K for making compound fertilizer. If you are making only organic fertilizer without adding other chemical fertilizer, we can cancel five belt scales.

To mix the raw materials from previous processes well with double axil mixer. If we are not adding chemicals, it can be also skipped.

As you want round balls for final product. We use pan granulator. By adding some water in the pan, the powder will be made into small balls. In the drawing there are two, in your condition the capacity is small. We can use only one.

During the granulator process, we added some water. And raw material has water, too. Now the balls have water 20% to 30%. Drying process makes the pellets to be dry 15% or lower.
The pellets must be cooled after heat wind rotation drying.
The raw material is made into balls, yet there also contains big chucks and powder. Screening filters the wrong-sized chucks and powers go back to the crusher to make balls again.

Coating machine
To make active organic fertilizer, we need live microorganisms. Some of them in the surface of balls died during hot drying. Coating machine apply live microorganisms to the balls again. It helps the fertilizer to be more affective.

To pack the final product into bags such as per 25KG.

Other machines needed:
Conveyors and lifter: transfer materials between machines.
Dust remover, dust settling room and wind fan: During crushing, drying and cooling, there are a lot of dust, it must be removed to protect worker and keep workshop clean.
Other auxiliary machines


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